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Early childhood learning experiences

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Early childhood education at home
Welcome to Schoolish! This community is for parents interested in sharing early educational experiences with other parents. The goal of the community is to become a source of inspiration and support for parents of children from toddler through the early elementary years.

Please post project ideas, photos, how-tos, book reviews, favorite educational toys and supplies, curriculum reviews, personal experiences, links to other helpful sites, or ask for advice. No matter how simple your activity, lesson, or idea you may inspire someone else by sharing here.

Invite your friends to our new community and share often.

All parents are welcome! You do not have to be a homeschooler or SAHM to join but I do prefer that members have children or work in early education. Please keep posts set to members only.

Resources for early childhood education

Websites and blogs
Teaching 2 and 3 Year olds
Filth Wizardry
Play Based Learning
The Preschool Playbook
Let the Children Play
The Artful Parent
Tinker lab
The Imagination Tree
Kids Science Experiments
NASA Space Place Projects for Children

Know of a great resource? PM me and I will add it. If you find activities on these sites that you enjoy, take pictures and share them here.